Hello Wine, Goodbye Sugar

Our project was born with a vision to create a new category of wine, a ZERO SUGAR category of wine, that meets the needs of today’s healthier consumer and sugar conscious consumer.

We wanted to reveal the hidden sugar in wine, something that most consumers are not aware of, and is the reason why there are so many calories normally associated with wine. In fact, some wineries actually put sugar in to hide the taste of their grapes and don’t have to tell you!

So we wanted to change that.

Our vision was global – to be able to drink a zero sugar wine where ever you are in the world.

And by the way, we have already launched in 10 countries, including the Netherlands, Spain, USA, Singapore, UAE, Mexico, Costa Rica, Ecuador and Australia…… only a few hundred countries to go!

We were most excited when PURE the Winery won two Sommeliers Choice Awards in San Fransisco in 2020. Pure the Winery wines being the first wine in the world that was a Zero Sugar wine to win an award.

Our philosophy is simple:
Uncomplicated Taste, Zero Sugar, Pure Pleasure
Join us on our zero sugar wine journey.


We all like to enjoy a good glass of wine, or maybe two, but no one wants to feel guilty consuming it.

We may often worry about the amount of calories and carbohydrates present in wine, what we don’t realise is that those calories come directly from the residual sugars present in that wine.

Is residual sugar in wine necessary to give wine a good flavour? Simply NO.

So why shouldn’t we take it out?

And so the journey of the PURE the Winery began…. To give consumers an uncomplicated, great tasting, zero sugar wine.

Don’t feel guilty ever again! But always drink responsibly!


What makes our wines zero sugar?

Our Zero Sugar Wine is made by carefully observing the growing process of our grapes and constantly testing their sugar maturity. The grapes finally selected to make PURE the Winery wines must be picked at just the right time. When picked, the sugars that can be fermented into alcohol are at their peak and the sugars that cannot be fermented into alcohol are not yet present. During our fermentation, specially uniquely cultivated yeasts are added to ensure all the residual sugars disappear.

The result is a great, uncomplicating taste that comes from the grapes themselves and not from nasty sugars!

Hello Wine Innovation, Goodbye Sugar.

We even won 2 awards at the Sommelier Choice Awards, San Fransisco, 2020 – just see what the experts have to say.

We are also proud that our wine is also completely free of the use of animal products.

Vegan wijn Pure the Winery


Hello innovation!

Creating a zero sugar category of wine, that you can love and trust wherever you are in the world. Hello pioneer spirit! Never settle for excess nasties such as sugar in your wine.

Hello trendsetter!

Come on our journey and drink responsibly without the sugar.

Hello transparency!

Every bottle of Pure the WInery wines comes with its own nutritional table, so you know what you are drinking, We are proud to offer you as a wine lover a more responsible option.

Vegan wijn Pure the Winery